Easy Money for Hembree Springs

Easy Money for Hembree Springs

Did you know that there are several programs out there just waiting to give Hembree Springs money? With a few easy steps you can help earn money for the school!

Amazon Smile will allow you to donate to Soaring Hawks Foundation every time you make a purchase at no cost to you! Start today by clicking here!

In addition to clipping box tops and sending them in to your child’s teacher, individuals can join the Box Tops website. Once joined, individuals can help Hembree Springs earn even more box tops. The website frequently runs contests that individuals can enter where the prize is a certain number of box tops for the individual’s chosen school. Joining the website also allows you to see Hembree Spring’s box top progress. On www.boxtops4education.com, click “Join Free” Search for and select Hembree Springs ES Fill out the remainder of your profile After joining, you will periodically receive emails informing you of chances to win extra boxtops for your school.

Coca Cola will donate money to Hembree Springs for codes entered on the Coca Cola Give website. Codes are found on the bottle caps of 20 ounce bottles of Coke products, the bottle caps of Minute Maid and Powerade products, and on the inside of boxes of 12-can and 20-can packages of Coke products.

  • You will need to sign up for an account on the Coca Cola Give website: http://us.coca-cola.com/give/
  • Sign into your account
  • Click on "Donate to Your Local School"
  • In the "Search" box, look up the profile for Hembree Springs (after you've donated to Hembree once or twice, it will be saved as a recent search)
  • In the "Enter Code" box, enter the code from a bottle cap or box.
  • After entering the code, click "Donate."  If the code was entered correctly, you will receive notification of how much was donated to Hembree Springs:
    • Codes from bottle caps are worth 5 cents each
    • Codes from 12-can packs are worth 15 cents each
    • Codes from 20-can packs are worth 27 cents each
  • You can keep track of your donations by clicking Donation History

Schools receive their money from Coca Cola on a quarterly basis.  If the school has signed up to receive funds by Electronic Funds Transfer deposit, then its donation balance must total at least $10 by the end of a quarter in order to receive an EFT deposit.  If the school has not signed up to receive deposits by EFT, then the school will receive its money via check.  However, in order for a check to be sent, the school's quarter end donation balance must be at least $25.

H&R will pay $20 to Soaring Hawks Foundation each time a "new" client pays to have their taxes prepared at H&R Block.  A "new" client refers to someone who did not have their taxes prepared at H&R Block for the prior tax year.

  • If you go to an H&R Block office to have your taxes prepared, and you believe that you qualify as a "new" client, you will need SHF's referral code, which is 40010001090811.

  • Advise the tax pro that you were "referred" by SHF, and make sure that the tax pro enters the referral code in the proper location of the tax preparation program. The referral code gets entered in one of the very last screens of the program.
  • For every qualifying referral, SHF will receive $20.  H&R Block will send a check for the total amount of referrals to SHF about 6-8 weeks after April 15.

Earn points by purchasing Kelloggs items (including Eggo waffles, Keebler cookies, etc). Redeem 8,000 points for a $5 donation to Hembree Springs.

  • Join KFR at www.kelloggsfamilyrewards.com (username is your email address).
  • When your account is set up, add any eligible loyalty cards you might have (CVS, Rite Aid, Kmart, BJ's, and Food Lion) to your account.  If you use your loyalty card to buy eligible items at these stores, the points will automatically be added to your account.
  • When you purchase eligible items at stores like Kroger or Publix, you must upload a photo of your receipt to KFR in order to receive the points:
    • Mark the purchased items on your receipt.
    • Log into your KFR account.
    • Go to Collect Points/Upload Receipt on the KFR website and follow the directions for uploading and submitting the receipt (it's easiest if you upload using a mobile device).
    • If uploaded and submitted correctly, the points should be credited to your account in 1-2 days.
  • When you have 8,000 points in your account, click on Rewards/Donations to Schools and Charities.
  • On the Donations to Schools and Charities page, click "Get It" to receive a KFR Giving Code. This will be emailed to the email address that you registered with.

When you've received your KFR Giving Code, you will click "Click Here" on the Donations to Schools and Charities page. This will take you to the website for Kula (www.kula.com). If you don't have a Kula account, you will need to set one up (this is a separate account from KFR).
While you are setting up your Kula account, you can designate Hembree Springs as a school that you are supporting.

  • Log into your Kula account
  • Click "Redeem Code" at the top of the Kula page
  • Enter the KFR Giving Code that you received when you redeemed your points in your KFR account and click “Next.”

Kroger is committed to helping our communities grow and prosper. Year after year, local schools, churches and other nonprofit organizations will earn millions of dollars through Kroger Community Rewards.Kroger Community Rewards makes fund-raising easy..all you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card!

Sign up online, connect your Kroger Plus card to your account, and designate Hembree Springs as your Community Rewards beneficiary!

Have 5% of your purchase of eligible items from Office Max or Office Depot designated for Hembree Springs.  In each quarter that $10 or more is designated to Hembree Springs, the school will receive that amount in Office Depot/Office Max merchandise certificates.

  • When you make a purchase at an Office Max or Office Depot store, give the cashier Hembree's ID code while you are checking out. The ID code for Hembree Springs is 70118603.
  • You are not required to separate eligible items from ineligible items.  However, if you are interested in learning what items are eligible, there is a link on the Office Depot website.  In the bottom right corner of the homepage, there is a heading that says "Special Programs."  Under that, you will see "5% Back to Schools Program."  Click on that to be taken to the Program page.  On the Program page, click the link for "qualifying school supplies."

If you forget to mention Hembree's ID code when you are checking out, or if the cashier claims that they can't enter it for some reason, you can enter a claim for the credit on the Program page. About halfway down the page, there will be a link for "Submit a request" to credit your purchase to the school of your choice.

  • Click on "Submit a request."
  • Enter the 70118603 ID code.
  • Click on "In Store Purchase"
  • Enter the required information from your receipt.

Through Publix Partners, qualifying purchases made at participating Publix Super Markets using your Publix Partners card, will help earn money for your school. For every $37,500 spent cumulatively by your school’s participants, Publix will award your school $250.

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