Why is it important to support The Soaring Hawks Foundation?

There are many reasons to donate to the Soaring Hawks Foundation. Here are perspectives from several members of the Hembree Springs family (past and present)!

Hello, my name is Maximo Arellano. I am a student of Hembree Springs Elementary. Hembree Springs Elementary is a great school. It has awesome teachers and a great staff. It also has great resources. What many kids don’t know is who helps raise money for those resources. The people who help raise money for resources are The Soaring Hawks Foundation!

The Soaring Hawks Foundation is super important because it helps raise money for equipment to help you learn, plus the things you learn about will apply to certain areas when you grow older. For example, in Social Studies when you learn about how the Indians were removed from their own territory by the 7th President of the U.S. Andrew Jackson, which was one of the most saddest events in our nation’s history…you will learn not to make those same mistakes. The Soaring Hawks Foundation also, supplements classes with technology like IPads, Fitbits, and computers. They also support PTA programs like reflections! Finally they raise money for kids to interact with nature!

I hope you learned why The Soaring Hawks Foundation is important and why you should support it! You should support it by donating money, volunteering your time, and telling others about the Soaring Hawks Foundation!

Maximo Arellano, 5th Grade

Please join our family in supporting Hembree Springs Elementary School by contributing to the Soaring Hawks Foundation. In the past almost 7 years we have been a part of the Hembree Hawks Family we have watched our daughters flourish as Hawks. Our youngest was fortunate enough to start as a Pre-K student while our oldest started in Kindergarten. Both have benefitted greatly from the support of the SHF. The Foundation serves as the financial fundraising arm to enrich the already wonderful Pre-K-5 education provided at Hembree Springs. The Foundation takes the pressure off of our students and families to do individual fundraising sales and this relief allows our students to focus on efforts to learn. Also, 100% of the funds go back to support the students. We strongly believe in investing in our children and your contribution to the Soaring Hawks Foundations ensures a bright future for them as they grow.

The Warmouth Family

The Reading Eggs program is amazing! It is individualized to each child’s skill level and then allows them to progress to the next level as they master different skills. There is a wide variety of engaging activities. Some kids will be working on letter recognition and sounds, while other kids are working on stories and comprehension. It also teaches them keyboarding skills. The kids just love it!

Mrs. Peterson (Kindergarten Teacher)

Please join us in supporting the Soaring Hawks Foundation’s Annual Campaign! As the parents of a fifth grade daughter at Hembree Springs Elementary School, we experience on a regular, firsthand basis the commitment and goodwill of our parents, teachers and administration. As budgets become even tighter across school systems, the need for generosity in our schools is increasing. Excellence for our children is a goal we all share, and the Foundation is working in partnership with the PTA to help maintain and continuously improve the excellence that is already a hallmark at Hembree Springs Elementary. A donation to the Foundation is an efficient method to support the PTA and capital projects that will benefit our children.

Donating to the Foundation is an investment in our children’s education. Please consider a donation this month to jumpstart the school year!

Rich & Kelly Dippolito

Dear Hembree Springs Parents,

We feel blessed to work at HSES for many reasons. Not only are we as teachers supported by an outstanding administration and staff, but we have the absolute best students and families! Our PTA has supported our work in the classroom over the years. When it was decided that a foundation would be set up to provide funds to support the school and its mission, we were a little unsure as to what it would mean for the classroom teacher and students. It has proven to be a benefit to all. What a relief to no longer have to deal with outside fundraising groups. We no longer have to see the dejected faces of students who were unable to participate and thus didn’t receive any prizes. Now all families can participate knowing that 100% of their giving goes straight to the school. The benefits we’ve received include new Promethean boards in classrooms, agendas for all students, curriculum related newspapers and magazines that enrich instruction, and more! Won’t you please consider giving to the Soaring Hawks Fund so you can see your money at work?

Mrs. Williams (4th grade Teacher)
Mrs. Cowart (3rd grade teacher)

Making a Difference

by Laura Calvert, PTA President

It is not a secret I believe Hembree Springs is an outstanding school. While you may be thinking, “Well of course, that is why we choose to live in North Fulton County!” I contend that our school has something extra special. Hembree Springs has a heart.

Our school has commitment and it recognizes each student as an individual. Hembree Springs instills a passion in its students that leaves them with a lifelong love of learning. This passion starts at the top with our principal, streams through the fabulous teachers and staff, and encompasses all of our families. Our leaders and our school embody high standards, and continually look to drive improvements and investments that better our students.

My request of you today is to stop for a second and think about what it takes to create the environment that is Hembree Springs. It takes a vision. It takes a dream. It takes a dedicated staff of experts. It takes resources. Sometimes those resources are volunteers and sometimes those resources are financial.

Our Soaring Hawks Foundation (SHF) was created to eliminate the hassles of Sally Foster and selling wrapping paper. Further, we maximized the return to the school. 100% of our resources stay at Hembree Springs, and 100% is spent on our kids. However, now we are now dependent on the SHF capital campaign to provide the financial resources to fund our classroom technology, capital improvements, and the PTA programs. These are the components that make a difference in the educational experience for our children.

As you PTA President, I can tell you that the PTA has planned 45 different programs for this year. Each of these programs represents an investment in our students. Some programs provide classroom materials, while others provide hands-on learning and reinforce classroom concepts. We have programs focused on building new skills. Other programs foster a sense of community. Collectively, these programs are part of what makes Hembree Springs so special.

Please join me and my family in making a donation to the Soaring Hawks Foundation (SHF). If every family can participate, no matter the donation, it will add up. Together, your family and mine can help our school make dreams come true.

Best Regards,
Laura Calvert
Mom to a second grader and PTA President

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